"John Lansdowne, and his firm have provided financial advice for my late husband and I since September 2011. During this time the  advice received, the care and attention given to us personally, and to our investments has been exemplary. Complexity has been simplified. We have always felt secure in the knowledge that our best interests are being served".



"After building a home recently we wanted to review our finances and create a more secure financial future for ourselves and our children, but were unsure of how to approach this.

For us, we felt that it was best to find someone who could talk to us at our level, and who understood our personal requirements.

John took a very personal approach and provided us with all the answers in a calm, discreet and very professional manner. He clearly explained our options and provided an excellent level of service.

We highly recommend John if you are in need of professional financial planning advice with a personal touch".

Irma & Oliver


From Mr Clive Bridges:

"John Lansdowne brought a personal approach to our financial planning situation; he gave me confidence that he was interested in me as a person. Meeting with my wife and I, John warmly gathered a feel for our family. By building a picture that enabled us to consider our options, answering our questions and providing clarity, John tailored a plan to meet our needs. It is now almost 7 years down the track. As I have become more knowledgeable, our relationship should be described as a partnership – at times one where we can learn together. My wife and I enjoy a great lifestyle in retirement. We are free from the fear of financial insecurity. We travel often and enjoy our family when we’re home. To conclude, I am happy to recommend John Lansdowne not only for the way he provides advice and planning, but also for the personal way in which he caters for our financial needs.".